We are pleased to present an offer of our data entry service for online stores and general content management on the Shopware platform. Our service is designed with your comfort in mind, offering a dedicated person to take care of your online store. By choosing our team, which is well versed with the Shopware platform and its implementations, you can be assured that we will always be up-to-date with potential errors, updates, and in emergency situations, your store will be promptly fixed.

We offer two forms of payment:


Pay-as-you-go – Payment based on the actual hours worked by our specialist. In this case, a time report is generated each month, which serves as a basis for the invoice. Longer tasks can always be estimated in advance to avoid unexpected costs.


Prepaid packages – Payment for a prepaid package of work hours.

Benefits of choosing prepaid packages:

  • A specific number of programmer hours depending on the size of the package, which can be used for updating plugins or the shop itself
  • The ability to prepare additional widgets or functions that will facilitate content presentation in the store
  • Customers with purchased packages have priority
  • After the first package is used up, each client receives a proposal to continue on individual terms, taking into account the individual nature of work and needs
20 hours of work (including 2 hours of programmer's work)
Package S

500 Euros

50 hours of work (including 5 hours of programmer's work)
Pakiet M

1000 Euros

20 hours of work (including 10 hours of programmer's work)
Pakiet L

2000 Euros

500 Euros

1000 Euros

2000 Euros

The service includes:

  • Entering product data, including descriptions, photos, prices, and other information
  • Updating content on store pages
  • PageSpeed analysis
  • Content optimization for SEO
  • Creating new categories, subpages, and promotional banners
  • Monitoring and optimizing the functioning of the store
  • Support in migrating data from other stores, both in the case of manual migration and supplementation to automatic migration prepared by our programming department, along with necessary corrections and optimizations

    We are confident that our offer of data entry services and content management in online stores on the Shopware platform will meet your expectations. In case of questions or doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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