Has your website suddenly stopped working? Have you just updated a plugin and your store ceased to function? Has your hosting changed the PHP version and something went wrong? In such situations, you need quick and effective help – here’s where we come in with our Emergency Rescue Service.
Our team of experts is ready to dedicate up to 3 working hours as soon as possible to diagnose and solve your problem. If the problem is more serious, we provide a detailed diagnosis and repair estimate.

Benefits of using our Emergency Rescue Service:

  1. Quick and effective help – we dedicate up to 3 working hours to diagnose and solve the problem, or to provide a detailed diagnosis and repair estimate if the problem is more serious.

  2. Effective communication – email is the best way for us to understand and analyze your problem. We will review the content of your submission and direct it to the appropriate specialist. Any potential phone call or teleconference will be preceded by familiarizing ourselves with the submitted problem description. We will promptly notify the submitter about the commencement of the analysis and provide updates on progress.

  3. Flexibility – if your case is not urgent, you can book our time for later.

  4. Availability outside of working hours and on holidays – if someone from our team is available, we will try to help even after working hours or on holidays, though in such situations the service fee is doubled.