Our journey with Shopware began in 2014 and since then – throughout each new iteration – we’ve honed our expertise to now be able to provide expanded layouts, implement bespoke plug-ins and deliver new functionality.

Through our specialist focus on the Shopware platform we have been able to expand our business to a point where we’re now able to offer a wider range of comprehensive services, amongst them: complex data analysis and reporting, and bespoke graphic design shop layout and functionality improvements.

After the completion of your project we then go on to provide full service support, consultancy services, as well as educational workshops that help you get the best out of your online shop.

We are:

  • A small team operating a flat structure: our decision making processes are responsive and assured, meaning that we avoid common delays often experienced  by companies operating within hierarchical structures.
  • Able to operate with complete flexibility on working timeframes: we can adjust our working schedule to meet the demands of your project.
  • A dedicated partner: we work with you comprehensively throughout all stages of your project; from initial analysis of your business needs, to close co-operation on design processes, right through system implementation, inclusive of testing and training.
  • Shopware experts: thanks to their extensive experience, our graphic design team are on hand to expertly advise and guide you throughout your project; helping you to simultaneously steer the it towards realistic goals and avoid potential pitfalls.
  • Excellent at customer service: we pride ourselves on our commitment to our clients, prioritising high level of services and the maintenance of frequent and effective communication.

Currently our business focuses on providing dedicated support for clients who have chosen the Shopware platform. We know the system inside out and are able to explain the pros and cons of Shopware as they may apply to clients functioning in different sectors; no one client’s requirements are the same.

Based on our detailed knowledge of your requirements we are then able to either 1) advise in the selection of the most appropriate layout for you from the available standards on the Shopware platform, or, with a bigger budget, design dedicated, personalised layouts as per client requirements.

We also design and implement bespoke plug-ins for Shopware that offer a wide range of new functionality, and furthermore, we can also provide troubleshooting assistance for customers experiencing issues with data migration or in connecting Shopware to external services.