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program as a Copywriter

Your benefits:

Whenever we need any texts we’ll contact you.

When we come across a customer who is considering featuring dedicated texts on their website, we will present them with the list of our partners and recommend cooperation.

There is no commission involved.

Partners with higher experience are given priority.

We’re partners

Depending on the level of our cooperation you’ll be classified as one of the following:

Basic level
Silver level
Gold level
Platinum level

Does your client need a Shopware shop or plugin?

Recommend them to us and receive up to 20% commission on invoices!

Mention us

on your website or social media accounts

How exactly does it work?

The only thing you need to do to join the program is contact us in order to discuss details and ensure that you are happy with some of our basic requirements from you.

If you recommend a customer to us who is an agency or a company who work with us on a larger scale (more than just a single project) then we’ll guarantee you 20% of the invoice value from the first project,

5% from successive ones for the first year of cooperation and 2% for the second year.

If a recommended customer uses our services for one project only, then we will offer 10% of the invoice value.

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