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E-shops are our speciality, and we’ve been working on Shopware implementations since 2014. If you consider your business to be a serious operator and you want to sell products using one of the best e-shop platforms on the market, well, you’re in the right place.

We provide comprehensive services for clients interested in migrating from other platforms to Shopware. We help with data migration, layout preparation, tests and hosting.

We also provide an introductory platform for those beginning their internet merchandising journey, advising on the most suitable choice of layout or by creating a bespoke graphic design solution from scratch. Upon choosing our service, you can expect comprehensive support and a great variety of extra services.

Furthermore, we also prepare special workshops covering system operation. Below, you can explore some of our completed projects. Due to the fact that in most cases after project completion we are bound to comply with privacy policies and therefore must limit ourselves to credentials, we are unable to present all of the shops on the website.

You can discover more about our work on the “Credentials” page.



The Alphateam website we created is based on the Shopware platform. We are thrilled to have met the clients expectations and we invite you to take a closer look at our work.


The LFT & SQT shop website is another proud example of our work, and it is also based on Shopware. This successful project has led to a continued working relationship with the client.

Visit page


We created the layout for these food and ecology related brands.


Our layout proposal for the toy and child related shops.


An elegant and responsive Theme with three colour options, where shopping becomes a real pleasure.


A Theme for fashion and accessories stores- extra features, responsive, minimalistic.

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