1. The following document lays down the rules of electronic service providing and privacy policies of the service operating under the domain: goodday4u.pl (later described also as “Service”).
    2. The Administrator of the personal information is Daniel Bohusz, the owner of the business activity named GoodDay. Daniel Bohusz (later described also as: “GoodDay”), who shall process personal data according to law, including the bill from the 29th of August 1997 regarding protection of the personal data (later also called as “the Bill”)
      Contact details:

      Company: GoodDay Daniel Bohusz
      Address: Janiszów 24, 58-400 Kamienna Góra
      Mailing address: Łużycka 2B/1,  44-100 Gliwice
      NIP: 6141551053
      E-mail: daniel.bohusz@gmail.com, daniel.bohusz@goodday4u.pl
    3. GoodDay pays particular attention in respecting the privacy of the Service users. Gathered personal data (later also called as “Data”) is used specifically in the manner described as following.j.
    4. Providing any personal data is voluntary, however it’s necessary when wishing to use the newsletter services. Subscribing to the newsletter is voluntary, free of charge and requires having an email address as well as the program providing the access to such an email, and opening the files in a basic forms such as .jpg and .pdf. Unsubscribing from the newsletter is possible at any given time when choosing the option “Unsubscribe” provided in every email sent as a part of the newsletter service.

      Gathered data The process of Data gathering The reason for Data gathering The way of using gathered Data
      GoodDay gathers users’ data such as email, name and the last name of the contacting person representing the business activity as well as identifying the business activity. Data is gathered directly from the Users throughout the Service. The reason for Data gathering is to send
      professional newsletters containing information regarding updates, new products, services and
      special offers (direct marketing of the individual products and services) to active and potential Goodday's customers.
      Providing data is necessary to use the newsletter containing Goodday’s marketing information. Data will not be passed to any third party or made public in any way. When required by law enforcement institutions, personal data will be provided to the entitled authority entity
    5. The prohibition of providing the content of illegal characters concerns the user. In the situation of faulty functioning of the newsletter the User is allowed to make a complaint to any of the email addresses provided earlier in the point 2. A complaint will be addressed by GoodDay immediately, no more than three working days from the point of receipt.
    6. The User is allowed access to his/her personal data content and is able to instruct its correction and removal. The User has a legal right to control the process of data processing concerning him/her according to the Article 32 Bill 1 (including all the information regarding personal data processing, required addendum, updating, clarifying and correction, temporary or permanent suspension of data processing or data removing if it’s incomplete, not valid, untrue or was gathered against the law or is no longer necessary for the reason it was originally gathered.
    7. GoodDay provides protection for processed Data, and in particular protects its publishing to unauthorised parties, processing against the Bill, changing, loss, damage or destruction.

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