Shopware Store Update Offer

In the era of rapidly advancing technology, keeping your e-commerce software up to date is crucial for its security and efficiency. Therefore, we present our offer for updating your Shopware store.

Why is it worth updating the software?

Software updates bring numerous benefits, among which the most important are:

  1. Security – New software versions often include security patches that protect your store against new threats. 
  2. Functionality – Updates frequently introduce new features and improvements that can enhance the efficiency and convenience of store management.
  3. Technical Support – Software vendors typically provide technical support only for the latest versions of their software.

Upgrade to the latest SW5 version

For those of you who are not yet ready to migrate to Shopware 6, we offer attractive update packages for the latest SW5 version. However, please note that technical support for SW5 will end in April of next year. Therefore, we recommend planning the transition to the new platform as soon as possible.

Support after the update

By choosing our update service, you won’t be left on your own. We offer the option to have our technical support service for your store. As part of this service, we assist with ongoing updates of plugins and Shopware core, enabling you to benefit from the latest functionalities.

Why choose us to update your store?

  1. Experienced development team – Our updates are always supervised by an experienced team of programmers. 
  2. Testing environment – All updates are first tested in a testing environment by our testers. 
  3. Data security – Each update is preceded by data backup, ensuring their safety in case of any potential issues.

We guarantee that with our services, your store will always stay up to date with the latest trends and technologies. We warmly invite you to contact us to discuss the details.

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